Wil is above average height at around 6’4". His hair is reminiscent of a crew cut that’s grown out about 3 weeks; what little you can see has is a darker shade of brown. His eyes look to be hazel, heavily weighted towards the green. His arms appear to be a little longer than you’d expect for his frame. His knuckles look to be heavily calloused or bony, his cheekbones and jaw a bit more prominent than would be considered pleasantly proportional, and both his cheeks and eyes are a bit sunken in. His nose looks to have been broken and sloppily reset a great many times.

He tends to be bluntly spoken, and tries to get as straight to the point with as little fanfaire as possible, but can come off as abrupt, and seems to carry himself with a menacing and off-putting aura.

In the meeting with the Prince, Senseschal, and Sheriff, he was dressed in a nice but not horribly expensive navy pinstripe suit, with a white button down shirt and red tie, with black shoes. All of which looked to be recently purchased. He was clean shaven, and tended to take up a position to the back and left of his Sire.


Wil is the childe of Tillie Amsel.


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