Vampire - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum 1

Missing Persons

Chapter 2: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

Session 1: Missing Persons

The coterie dispersed for several days after bringing down the Nosferatu serial killer and tendering it to the Sheriff. The Boxer spent a bit of time at Elysium, at his gym, and conferring with his sire. He also ventured out to Ferguson and saw firsthand the situation spiraling out of control. It’s worse than what the media is broadcasting. There were several instances where Predator’s Taint went off as he navigated the streets, and he fed on several of the looters. He also stole the cash out of the rioters’ wallets and found an ID from an organization based in DC. The man’s state ID was actually from New York. Wil noticed 5 looters kick the back door of a house in and followed them inside. He then beat them all unconscious and fed from them.

Nikolai spent all three evenings working in the lab. Avi dropped off the radar, Charlie was nowhere to be found and Louis was tied up monitoring the increasingly violent rioting.

On the third night WIl sent a text out to the group, simply asking “How are you doing?” Nikolai responded, and used the excuse of working for the Prince to get out of the lab, where he has found increasingly dissatisfying.

Wil and Nikolai met at the Elysium. Wil hung a punching bag in the Elysium earlier that evening, and the two of them worked on the bag as they talked. Nikolai confided in Wil about his growing disillusionment with his work in the labs, and his concerns about the moral implications of the kind of work he’s involved in.

Unexpectedly, the phone in Elysium rings. Wil turns on the speakerphone and chaotic background noise spills forth. After a long, tense moment Wil speaks, and the Sheriff asks who is present in the Elysium. Wil responds that it’s only the two of them, and the Sheriff, clearly frustrated, says that he’s sending someone.

After more than twenty minutes the magnetic lock sounds and Jayne walks in. She advises that Charlie has gone missing and that the ghoul that watches over her was hospitalized. The three piled into Jayne’s dark gray metallic Yukon, which is blacked out and lowered.

They arrived in Benton Park and stopped in front of a nice, turn of the century two story brick home. From the outside, nothing looked that out of order. Wil circled around back and saw nothing that stood out. Upon stepping back in front Jayne pushes on the front door and it falls away from the hinges.

As the fell away they could see obvious signs of an altercation. 1/3 of the way up the stairwell the blood splatters and bulletholes begin. At the base of the stairwell is a larger pool of blood. The home was decorated with Irish art, and with pictures of Charlie and of a man. After looking over the first floor they ventured to the second, and to the bedroom with covered windows and a four poster bed with a large blood stain. Upon closer inspection, in the center of the blood stain was a hole.

They inspected the rest of the building and saw no evidence of forced entry in the basement. Jayne explained that the EMTs has already taken the man to the hospital. Sway with the police delayed their response, but they would be there shortly. As sirens sounded in the distance the group fled the area and went to Barnes.

Jayne had the name of the ghoul, and snagged a white coat to cover her body armor and pistol. The three made their way to the ICU and to Lachlan O’Shea’s private room. Wil fed Lachlan 4 points of blood to help him heal, and Nikolai then gave him one more. He woke with a stir, and struggled against them at first. Wil was able to convince him that they were friends of Charlie’s.



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