Set in a darker present, where the shadows are deeper and the nights longer. The sprawling city has slid farther into poverty, crime, and lawlessness. The divide between the wealthy elite and the working class is stark, and the tension on the streets is palpable. Chaos is held on a long leash that’s unraveling a little every night. 

The corrupt bureaucrats suck the life from the city, and the few well-meaning public servants drown in a sea of red tape and indifference. Gangs claim blocks of the city for their own and in the absence of order citizens become vigilantes. Beneath the random acts of violence and the breakneck tempo of a city that never sleeps, something else waits, watches, and hungers. Cold fingers slowly wrap around the places and people of power.

The city searches for shelter, the citizens search for hope. The denizens struggle for sustenance, for safety, and for a taste of all the comfort that the oligarchs take for granted.

Vampire - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

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