Vampire - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

The City


The city has a vibrant center that revolves around banking and technology, where the sidewalks are clean, the street lights are bright and the police and private security shoo away anyone that doesn’t look like they belong there.

The edges of this ivory tower cling to some semblance of civility, gentrified neighborhoods where the young and wealthy slum with the more refined plebians. These neighborhoods are where much of the city’s culture resides, art galleries, innovative restaurants, music venues and many of the most interesting clubs and bars. They’re also the buffer between the moneyed elite and the jungle that is the sprawling poverty radiating around it.

A river winds through the city, and an international airport is nearby. The shiny new subway cars in the city center are a stark contrast to the dirty, graffiti-laden cars that run outside of the hub. The industrial sector revolves around defense manufacturing, with some car assembly and machining scattered across the landscape.

The docks are a frenzy of activity, with goods coming and going at every hour of the day. Casinos, some opulent and some dilapidated, dot the map. The city’s residents come from many backgrounds and ethnicities and many haven’t integrated. This resulted in pockets where only Spanish, Chinese, Bosnian and other languages are spoken.



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