Vampire - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

Ante Bellum

Welcome To The Fold

Chapter 1: Ante Bellum

Session 1: Welcome To The Fold

Tonight the characters discovered that the kindred of the St. Louis metropolitan area are divided into 3 smaller kingdoms, East St. Louis, St. Louis and St. Charles. 

East St. Louis is the domain of a Ventrue, who is the childe of the Prince of all of St. Louis prior to dying in the midst of the race riots of the 60’s. St. Louis, which is comprised of St. Louis City and St. Louis County, is the domain of a Brujah prince named Samuel Gray. St. Charles is the domain of a Gangrel who claimed the territory in the 60’s when it was mostly disparate farming towns with forest and green fields in-between.

The characters received instructions from their sires, summary insight into their year of fledgling vampire existence, and an invitation to be presented to the Price of St. Louis. The meeting was held at an Elysium, perhaps temporary, in a large mansion house just East of Grand. The sizable estate was tucked into the affluent neighborhood there, fully walled and gated. Two men stood guard at the gate and opened it as the fledglings arrived. Upon arrival, they were all surprised to find four other fledglings waiting to be presented. They sized each other up as they waited to be invited into an audience with the Prince. 

He waved them over, flanked by two starkly different kindred. The one to his left was an intimidating man that looked quite gritty and rough around the edges. He stood at 6’2", with dirty dishwater hair that was unevenly cut and slicked back. He had icy blue eyes full of fire, a long thin face and a sizable, poorly-mended scar on the left side of his lip. He also had a solid three day’s worth of growth on his face. Sheriff John LaGrange, a Gangrel, wore a bolo tie with silver and a large turquoise stone, a black button-up shirt, and a long light jacket that fell to just above his knees. He had slim, unpleated slacks on and a pair of cowboy boots as weathered as he was. His voice is gravelly, and he tends to speak plainly and infrequently. His demeanor seems mildly standoffish, and one gets the sense that he’s constantly sizing up those around him.

To the Prince’s right was Sofia Cardozo, Toreador Seneschal. A tall, slender beauty with a model’s grace and figure, her white suit and skirt were cut to accent the impressive curves of her form. Her voice is honey, sweet and rich with an edge of sensuality enhanced by her Portuguese accent. She is warm and inviting, and carries herself as someone well-practiced in social graces. She has long raven hair, pulled back in a spectacularly fashionable and complicated updo. Her accessories all seem to drip haute couture, from the elaborate-but-not-gaudy earrings to the tastefully matched expensive shoes.

Prince Samuel Gray is a well-muscled man in a tasteful but inexpensive suit. The lines highlight his impressive build, and he carries himself like a scrapper that came into considerable dignity over the years. He is surprisingly friendly for a man of his position. He appears to be in his mid-to-late 40s, his salt and pepper hair cut close on the sides and the hair atop his head a bit longer, but unstyled. He stands at 5’9", not a tall man but physically imposing regardless. His hands are rough, and he most certainly came from a life of labor in his mortal years. He too has an accent, ones that the fledgling Ventrue was able to pinpoint as colonial Bostonian.

The Prince proceeded to explain the Six Traditions, their application, and the significance of following them closely. He then explained that as condition of becoming citizens of St. Louis, they must first perform tasks that show great benefit to the city, the kindred or the humans within it. The fledgling vampires announced their given names, their sires, and their clan. They then proceeded to break off and speak to the various attendees. Numbers were exchanged and the Prince advised that a temporary Elysium would be assigned so that they can fulfill their tasks.

The fledgling vampires then departed and held conversations in private with their sires about the evening, the other fledglings, and their next course of action.

All players were granted 3 experience points for the session. Those with full prologue sessions received 3 additional points, while those with brief prologue sessions were granted 2 additional points.



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